Services and fees


What does “holistic financial advice” even mean? It means that we listen and hear what is important to YOU, our client. 

Then, we simply ask, “what keeps you up at night?” From there, each client is treated to individual advice; taking into consideration the complex issues of inflation, taxes, diversification, longevity, etc. It helps answer the questions, how much do I need to be saving, in what vehicle (401k, IRA, ROTH, SIMPLE, SEP) and when can I hit the beach (A.K.A retire), or can I afford to send my kid to college.


It is with this in mind that we discuss the HOW DO I WORK WITH YOUR FIRM:

First, you do not need to meet a minimum of investable assets to work with us. We believe this is one of the greatest travesty’s as it relates to financial advice. Particularly, most young professionals often have higher levels of income, but have little investable assets. At a time where your life is constantly changing, your need for solid financial advice couldn’t be greater. Most advisors will not work with you, we are not one of them.

Alternatively, we do not believe that people with substantial investable assets justify paying an annual fee of $50,000 (1% of $5mil). Rather than charge based on your assets, we will switch to a less expensive option based on your net worth.

We believe there is not a one size approach to fees, so we have the following compensation categories/options. Our goal is to be upfront and honest, and we will discuss during our first initial meeting:

  • Hourly consulting (project based): $100/hour
  • Comprehensive Financial planning: $1,500-$10,000 (one-time fee)
  • Accounts under $10k mutual funds: Client fees will be discussed and can be purchased with A or C share classes. The advisor derives a fee from the account values.
  • Assets under management (AUM) planning: up to $1million, we charge 1% on assets annually. If you have investable assets over $1million, we will switch to a net worth option. Charging based not on how much money you have saved, but your net worth. Therefore, saving thousands per year compared to the typical advisor fees.
  • Insurance commission. We are not associated with a single insurance or annuity company, therefore, we remove the conflict of interest that arises from selling for the company vs. what is best for the client. The individual insurance company pays us a commission, which is derived from the following fixed products:


Health insurance (currently referring to a health insurance specialist)

Disability insurance

Life insurance

Long term care insurance

Fixed/indexed annuity

Variable annuity


If this seems too overwhelming, we will help you determine the best economical cost option that suits YOU! Schedule your no cost initial call TODAY!